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Solid Fuel Heating Appliances & Wood Burning Stoves

MCK are able to install and service all Solid Fuel appliances, whether it be on a yearly basis or on an as and when basis. We are a Gas Safe HETAS (Heating Equipment & Approval Scheme) registered company with a fully trained workforce. 

MCK install and maintain solid fuel heating appliances whether they are dry appliances or appliances with boilers for hot water and heating. Solid Fuel appliances mainly covers Coal, Pellets and Wood.

In England and Wales all work associated to Solid Fuel is subject to building regulations. At present the HETAS certificate is deemed to be the only Government approved certificate indicating compliance with the necessary Building Regulations relating to solid fuel appliances.
Beware of some foreign makes and models that are not HETAS CE approved.

When you decide to install a solid fuel appliance you inform your local authority who will then arrange for a building control officer to assess your site and inspect any work in progress in order to sign off the job once completed. This can be time consuming and costly. However, a more cost effective way to have your solid fuel appliance installed correctly is to use a HETAS registered company such as MCK to install it for you. We deal with the building control inspection and notify your Local Authority for you.

MCK are able to advise you on the correct size and type of solid fuel appliance for your requirements. It is important to have the right appliance, as an appliance too big will result in the area being uncomfortably hot and an appliance too small will result in failure to achieve the heat required to be comfortable.

The solid fuel appliance you purchase should be CE compliant, our engineers are able to ensure your appliance meets this standard.

A Solid Fuel Appliance requires its own flue, which means the positioning of the Appliance can be more flexible, it does not necessarily have to be placed in an existing fireplace.
If however you choose to locate the Appliance in the already existing fireplace then your chimney (if deemed suitable) will require a flue liner and possibly a chimney pot. Your chimney will have to be swept professionally before the installation. A full inspection enables us to inform our customers of any remedial alterations necessary.

Some wood burning stoves can burn logs, pellets and smokeless fuels. Wood can be less cost effective if you live in a city so some people opt for the multi-fuel stoves. Logs are generally cheaper to buy than pellets but it is all dependent on the wood suppliers in your area.

It is essential that you only burn the specified fuel that is stipulated by the appliance manufacturer. Some wood burners are only suitable for the burning of certain types of wood and it should be noted that even flue liners installed for “multi fuel” appliances can incur damage if the wrong fuel is burnt.

Wood Pellets – are usually made of compressed sawdust  (an industry waste product). The natural lignin in the wood is what holds the pellets together and gives it waterproofing properties. The fact that it is basically a dry wood means that it's a good dense source to burn. This is because very little energy is required  to help moisture evaporate from the pellets. They are a renewable source of fuel as trees are usually planted to replace trees that are cut down. Wood Pellets can not be considered to be carbon neutral however, it does takes energy to plant, harvest, process and transport the pellets. In comparison to other fossil fuels, wood pellets result in a lot less CO2 production. Being as the pellets are small in diameter (6-8mm) that they can be easily stored.

Solid Fuel Appliance - Servicing and Maintenance
MCK are able cover all aspects of servicing solid fuel appliances whether on a yearly basis or on an as and when basis. We are a Gas Safe HETAS (Heating Equipment & Approval Scheme) registered company with a fully trained workforce.

All solid fuel appliances should be serviced at least once a year for your safety as well as your family's safety. If you are a Landlord then you are legally responsible for the safety of your tenants in relation to solid fuel.

Faulty equipment can lead to fires or even death so it makes sense to have all solid fuel appliances serviced according to manufacturer’s specifications. Not only does servicing give you piece of mind that the appliance is safe to use but it also increases the efficiency of the appliance.

MCK's qualified engineers have the skill and experience to service all appliances - solid fuel, logs, pellets, wood burners etc, this enables us to carry out work not only on your home/s but also your recreation items such as Boats. Servicing safeguards yours and others safety.