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Heating Installation

Whether you require a brand new heating system or are looking to replace an old system that is not very economical, MCK can advise, supply and install all the equipment you need. We pride ourselves on being able to offer top quality installations with excellent warranties as we install heating equipment from the major manufacturers such as: Worcester, Weismann, Gloworm, Ideal and many others.

We offer efficient heating systems to suit all properties, needs and budgets and we make sure your installation cause minimal disruption to your home.

Boiler technology has moved forward greatly in recent years and modern day boilers are now more sophisticated, cleaner, quieter and they last longer as they are more robustly built. Heating systems are capable of creating the perfect environment using wireless radio room thermostats and digital controllers, these controls enable you to set each room to a different temperature and heating can be set to turn on and off at specific times.

Boiler Types - 
There are different types of Boilers available to UK households.


Combination Boilers

Otherwise known as Combi Boilers, these are self contained units which are economical to run, they are able to produce hot water at the same speed as your cold tap. Installing a Combi Boiler would mean that you would have no need for a cold or hot water storage tank as they do not require hot water storage, (this can often free up valuable storage space in family households).
Combi Boilers heat-up water instantly direct from the mains so are able to supply an endless feed of hot water. You should be aware that if you have a large family household then the use of multiple taps at the same time would reduce the flow to each. 
As stated Combination Boilers require no piping connections to header tank or airing cupboard tanks so installation time is shorter than that of conventional boilers.

  • Instant Hot Water - Heats water only when you need it

  • Space saving - not water storage hot or cold required

  • Hot water at mains pressure

System Boilers

These highly efficient boilers operate using stored hot water, they contain major 'built in' components (such as pump and expansion vessel) of the heating and hot water system. System boilers pump hot water straight through the heating system to radiators and hot water cylinder, the property will heat up quickly this way, this also reduces running costs so saves you money.

  • Better for the Environment - use less fuel

  • Economical to Run - use less fuel

  • Contemporary Design - can be in open view

  • Good Reliability Figures - output equals heating demand

  • Space Saving - no need for additional feed and expansion cistern

  • Power Output Choice - kW according to size of property and needs

  • Work with Natural Gas and LPG

Condensing Boilers

The main difference between a condensing boiler and a non-condensing boiler is the greatly more efficient heat exchanger and the fact that water condenses inside the boiler. The heat transfer technology in condensing boilers trap and recover heat which would be lost up the flue along with gases in non-condensing boilers.

  • Environmentally Friendly - low CO2 emissions

  • Energy Efficient - most carry the highest possible A or B SEDBUK rating

  • Lower Fuel Bills - A or B SEDBUK ratings results in less fuel required to provide the same amount of energy

  • Sleek Moderns Boiler Designs

MCK are happy to visit you and discuss all your heating requirements. We can help you to bring your existing system up to specification:

  • Boiler replacement

  • Thermostatic radiator valves

  • Room thermostats

  • Upgrading radiators

  • Cylinder thermostats

  • Radiators not getting warm enough?

  • Faults with pumps?

MCK specialise not only in conventional systems such as radiators but also underfloor heating giving you the warmth but also allowing you the space to design your room furnishings how you would like.

 Contact us today to make arrangements to get your heating system installed.