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Radiator Power Flushing

Are your radiators getting as hot as they should do?

Do they need bleeding regularly?

Are your pipes getting the hot water around the system as quickly as they used to?

Revitalise your central heating system with a system power flush 
£350.00 + VAT


A heating system can get clogged up with sludge, rust and scale deposits due to internal corrosion. This black iron sludge causes pipework, valves and boilers to block-up.

'Gas Safe' registered MCK Plumbing and Heating Engineers of Nottinghamshire offer a service called Power flushing.

Power flushing removes all debris and potential blockages from your central heating system meaning it will run more efficiently for many years to come. There is no need to remove radiators from the wall, an MCK fully qualified technician will ensure that work is carried out efficiently and cleanly with the minimum of inconvenience to your home.

Power Flushing cleaner loosens any rust/sludge that has built up in your heating system and it is flush out until all water samples are clean and pH neutral. A corrosion inhibitor is added to the cleaned system and radiators are balanced as required.

New legislation and directives geared to pollution reduction and energy saving mean that manufacturers are insisting on the Power Flushing of all systems before the fitting of a new boiler.

As local plumbing and heating experts of over 30 years, MCK offer you a reliable service at a competitive price.

Power Flushing your heating system now could save you money in the future.


 Contact us today to make arrangements to get your radiators power flushed.