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Underfloor Heating

MCK are Installers of reputable John Guest Underfloor heating systems.

Speedfit Underfloor Heating System is the perfect economic, space saving way to heat your home. Modern multi-layer pipes, state of the art control systems and high performance boilers make underfloor heating the most controllable and comfortable way to heat UK households.

  • Space Saving - No unsightly, intrusive radiators allowing extra space for furnishings.

  • Hygienic - No hard to get to areas around radiators where dust mites can gather, fewer dust mites around the home.

  • Ultimate Warmth - comfortable, even levels of warmth throughout all rooms in the home.

  • Quiet - No more creaking and tapping of expanding conventional heating pipes and radiators.

  • Warmth from Top to Bottom - It has been proven that Underfloor Heating ensures air temperature, heat at foot level and head level vary only by a few degrees centigrade, unlike conventional radiators that can leave lower and foot levels cold.

  • More Economical - Underfloor Heating reduces energy consumption by using low water temperatures.

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